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Enterprising Women for Leadership & Change   (EWLC)

It is now an established fact that in the quest for sustainable development, women are the main drivers to bring about meaningful change. However, it is regretful to note that gender parity and discrimination are still widespread in our society. EWLC comes off the beaten off to champion enterprising women joining hands to empower the womenfolk and build our common future. ‘Enterprising’ women also lays emphasis on how women can engineer their own future by discovering and believing in their inner potentials.


Women empowerment forms an integral part of ANPRAS’s agenda. However, this was quite diffused; thus the need to create a special entity to champion the causes and advancement of the women. Today, ANPRAS prides itself to have women assuming key leadership roles across the organization and hence the reason for the creation of this particular unit.


The EWLC project was officially launched on 01st March 2018 as ANPRAS  kicks-started the International Women’s Day celebrations at Midlands. In its endeavour to streamline operations and in perfect alignment to the UN SDGs , EWLC was clustered under the SDGS umbrella.

Scope & Main Activities
  • Girls and women education

  • Sustainable agriculture development

  • Fighting gender discrimination

  • Health education and access to health care

  • Bringing technology to women in  remote areas

  • Building climate change resilience through empowerment of women

  • Small businesses & entrepreneurial endeavours

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