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Historical Perspectives


The organization was founded in June 2008  and was officially registered as an NGO on the 29th June 2009.

ANPRAS organised its 1st official activity in 2009 (the co-hosting of the 5th International Sustainability Conference). In 2010, ANPRAS partnered Association Civique Midlands(ACM) and took over as the Country Team for Earth-Hour in Mauritius.In the same year, ANPRAS launched its flagship programme , TEAM ( The Earth Action Mauritius) and heralded environmental advocacy to new heights in Mauritius.

In 2011; ANPRAS hosted the International Conference on Learning at the University of Mauritius and in 2013 ANPRAS co-organised the International Climate Conference at Le Labourdonnais Waterfront Hotel(Port-Louis).

In 2012, ANPRAS became the official focal point/country team for Earth Hour Global; coordinating earth hour events locally.


Founder Members

  • Raj Chintaram

  • Vanessa Gowreesunkar

  • Bhojnath Mahadew

  • Dhanvir Seewoosaha

  • Samde Ramah

  • Charlotte Ciceron

  • Hitasha Teeluckdharry

  • Ajay Bheekarry

  • Read Tagaully

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