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African Network for Policy Research & Advocacy for Sustainability 

ANPRAS is a Mauritius based NGO, committed to driving change and community-based actions for sustainable development at grassroots. Founded in 2008, the initial aim of ANPRAS was to establish a cross-sectoral platform for policy and research on issues related to sustainable development. Incrementally, ANPRAS has extended its sphere of influence and further grown into a pro action-based entity.


ANPRAS is an elected member of the  3rd Permanent General Assembly (Dec 2018) of the Economic, Social and Cultural Council (ECOSOCC) of the African Union. ANPRAS further shares privileged partnership with a plethora of international organisations, namely AYICC, Common Ground Publishers, Earth Hour Global, Earth Day Network, Global Alliance for Climate Smart Agriculture, Organisation of African Youth, Let's Do It World, NAYD and USTKIP among others. It prides itself to have spearheaded the Green Africa Awards in 2010 and further championed the Earth-Hour, Candle-Night and Earth Day in Mauritius.​​


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