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With over 20 years in NGO and events management, Raj CHINTARAM has developed organisational and managerial skills which make him one of the most esteemed professionals of his generation. Raj is a nationally recognised Social Entrepreneur, Organisational Design Consultant and Leadership Coach. He has revolutionised youth leadership with the foundation of ‘Association Civique Midlands’ (then Club Midlands -1997), a community-based organisation which spearheaded key national activities for environmental protection, emancipation of women and the organisation of sports and leisure activities. He later championed environmental advocacy in Mauritius by pioneering global initiatives like Earth Day, Earth Hour, the ‘Green Africa Awards’ and the Let’s Do It World Cleanup campaign. He is a recipient of many awards including The Most Outstanding Young Person (TOYP) of the Republic of Mauritius by the Junior Chamber International (JCI, 2008) for his exceptional contributions in the field of community leadership and environmental advocacy. He further co-founded the ‘African Network for Policy Research & Advocacy for Sustainability (ANPRAS) which has now established itself as a leading national NGO advocating the cause of sustainable development; he is also a member of a plethora of international organisations. As an academic, he has pioneered research in the field of cultural & heritage tourism in Mauritius and he has been delivering guest lectures in many important fora, especially on the 78th Peace- Boat Voyage. In December 2014, he was elected as the Country Representative (Mauritius) at the 2nd Permanent General Assembly of the Economic, Social and Cultural Council (ECOSOCC) of the African Union. Subsequently, he was elected as Chairperson Infrastructure & Energy Cluster Committee of ECOSOCC in February 2015 and was reelected to the same post in March 2017. At ECOSOCC, he has brought in significant contributions, namely as a lead member for drafting the ECOSOCC Strategic Plan & conceptualizing the Communication Strategy.  In December 2018, Raj was elected for a 2nd term as Country Representative at the 3rd Permanent General Assembly of the African Union’s ECOSOCC. Raj has further been advocating for the Let’s Do It Mauritius initiative back in 2011 and was appointed as Country Leader in 2017; the movement has ever since grown into the biggest national civic cleanup & greening Mauritius initiatives.


NB : Raj Chintaram has resigned as Secretary-General of ANPRAS on 16.01.2020 & subsequently as the designated representative of  at the 3rd Permanent General Assembly of ECOSOCC. On 06th February he was conferred as Chair Emeritus of the organisation

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